Humon is building the Hex – a wearable sensor that measures oxygen levels in muscles to provide real-time training feedback to athletes. This information is also processed over time to adjust and prescribe the athlete’s training regimen for optimal performance.

We are looking for an electrical engineer experienced with IoT devices, embedded programming, in particular ARM, BLE, circuit design and layout, and knowledge of test design and implementation for manufacturing. Candidate should have good knowledge of analog, digital, RF. Experience with Nordic NRF series highly desirable.

You would be responsible for the the implementation of new features to the Humon Hex through firmware updates, support troubleshooting any electrical manufacturing failures, design of firmware/hardware tests to improve coverage, design and support of iterations to the Humon Hex, and continued manufacturing support, determining/approving part alternates, support to cost down BOM, etc.

Candidate must motivated and independent in seeking out challenges, with start-up mentality, willing to hustle to get the job done, not afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

$80k – $120k
0.1% – 1.0%

Boston · Full Time

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