Humon is building the Hex – a wearable sensor that measures oxygen levels in muscles to provide real-time training feedback to athletes. This information is also processed over time to adjust and prescribe the athlete’s training regimen for optimal performance.

The team is looking for an experienced social media marketing manager whose primary responsibility is to develop and grow our online presence. The social media marketing manager oversees all social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin), the website and online store, PPC advertising (Facebook and Google), and will prepare reports to demonstrate success. They will also further develop our social media strategy, including reseller and distribution social media policies. They will work with the rest of the team to create and curate content that aligns with our brand.

We are looking for a full-time team member who is experienced in developing online and social media marketing strategies. The social media marketing manager must have strong writing and communication skills and an understanding of strategic digital marketing โ€“ preferably in B2C marketing. Experience in website management, paid Facebook and Google advertising is also essential. The manager must have experience in copywriting and with Adobe Photoshop.

$35k โ€“ $60k
0.0% โ€“ 0.5%

Cambridge ยท Full Time

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