Humon is building the Hex – a wearable sensor that measures oxygen levels in muscles to provide real-time training feedback to athletes. This information is also processed over time to adjust and prescribe the athlete’s training regimen for optimal performance.

You would be responsible for managing the daily activities of the Humon engineering team, including offshore contractors and on-site full-time engineers. This would include helping define architecture changes to support requirements, delegation of technical tasks, aid in development problem solving, sprint planning and code review, and ultimately ensuring that the needs of the company are being met through improvements and additions to the product through high quality code.

The Humon app is built with React Native. We are looking for a full-time team member with strong mobile programming background and experience leading a team and shipping a product. Candidate must motivated and independent in seeking out challenges, with start-up mentality, willing to hustle to get the job done, not afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

$100k – $140k
0.0% – 1.0%

Cambridge · Full Time

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