Make Limits Limitless.

Lab-grade insights combined with the expertise of a personal coach, for everyone.

The Humon

The Humon Hex is the first clinically validated muscle oxygen tracker that allows athletes, sports teams and performance labs to optimize workout intensities, minimize injury and monitor progress.

The Humon Solution

The Humon Solution

Used by world class athletes and teams, Humon provides the most personalized, effective and easy to use training solution to date.

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The Hex

The Hex

Measures directly into your muscles providing the best metric of exertion that exists. Period. Non-invasively and in real-time.

The Apps

The Apps

Deliver the Humon insights seamlessly on your phone, watch or bike computer. The insights are generated using intuitive colors and are entirely personalized to the user.

The Insights

The Insights

Help you optimize workout intensities, minimize injury and monitor progress in real time and post workout

The Product

0120 hour battery life

02Wireless charging

03ANT+ & Bluetooth connectivity

04Water resistant

Beat your PR Minimize injury Measure progress


Beat your PR

By looking at the difference between the supply and demand of oxygen in the muscle in real time, Humon provides the perfect pacing tool for all athletes. On race day, the Hex will allow you to push up to your limit but make sure you never exceed it and run out of gas.

Minimize injury

Humon will not only let you know when your muscles are optimally warmed up and ready to go but will also prevent you from over training by tracking muscle fatigue and recovery during workouts.

Measure progress

Humon can identify your lactate threshold non-invasively and track your improvement day after day. It removes the need for lab test such as VO2Max and Lactate threshold tests by providing a more relevant and clinically validated alternative.




"I could guess what’s going on inside of my muscles or I could use the Humon Hex which tells me exactly what I need to know"

Alexander Turoff

Alexander Turoff

"I’ve been using the Hex for a month, and I’ve seen dramatic improvements. I absolutely love it and want to give it to everyone I know"

Humon user
Ken Nakata Athletic

Ken Nakata Athletic

"Muscle Oxygen is the new heart rate when it comes to effective sports training. Humon changes the game by making it a simple and effective tool"

Time Machine Blog owner


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