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The Humon Training Zones

The Humon training zones are computed in real-time and completely personalized to the user. Given the Muscle Ox % varies from person to person, we’ve built the Humon training zone to help translate this data into actionable insights.
Green (steady state): when the oxygen delivery and consumption in the muscle is balanced, meaning the athlete is training at a sustainable pace.
Orange (approaching limit): when the muscle begins consuming more oxygen than what is being delivered, meaning the athlete is nearing their body’s limit.
Red (limit): when the muscle is consuming significantly more oxygen than what is being delivered, meaning the athlete is training at an unsustainable pace.
Blue (recovery): when the oxygen delivery is greater than the consumption in the muscle, meaning the athlete’s muscles are recovering.

Beat your PR

Endurance Training
Humon helps you never run out of gas during a race or long workout by staying in the green and orange zones. If you are in the red for too long, you’ll know it’s time to dial back.
Using the mobile app or Garmin data fields you’ll be able to access this information in real-time during the workout.
Interval Training
Humon helps you prescribe the perfect interval workout in real- time by pushing up to or beyond your anaerobic threshold (red zone) and watching your muscles recover fully in between each interval (blue zone).

Minimize Injury

Warm-up Properly
Humon allows you to warm-up optimally to maximize performance and reduce risk of injury. Muscle Ox should increase as you warm up and reach a plateau when you’re ready to go.
Monitor Recovery
Humon allows you to monitor muscle fatigue after every workout and help you decide how to adapt your training accordingly.

Track Progress

The Humon Threshold Test
Humon provides a clinically validated way to identify your lactate threshold noninvasively.
Humon Web Dashboard
Humon’s web dashboard allows you to compare workouts day after day and plan your next session accordingly.
Mastering Muscle Ox Guide