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The Humon Manifesto: What it Means to Train with Humon

Day in and day out, they tease us, they fight us, they beat us.


The enemy of the irrational athlete.

Constantly setting itself up as the barrier in front of what our heart wants.

But whilst the lack of common sense in us says that we can achieve anything as long as we “push through it,”

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

For how can you push through “it” if you don’t know what “it” really is?

That is why we are here.

We are here to help you intimately learn about your limits – from its strengths to its flaws and its patterns.

We are here to help you recognize the exact time and place to “push through it.”

We are here to move by your side as you start and finish the fight against you.

We are here to let your heart keep dreaming, and your muscles keep achieving.

We are here to Make Limits Limitless.