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The Humon Training Zones Explained

The Humon training zones were developed from years of market and scientific research. During the early days at Humon, we spoke with many athletes and identified a need for a better understanding of the athlete’s body. Most athletes were primarily training with heart rate zones which are very limiting and fail for many of them.

The Humon training zones are computed in real-time and are completely personalized to the user. These colored zones were developed to help users identify exactly what is happening in their muscles so that they can make real-time decisions about their training. Below is a summary of what each zone indicates.

Green (steady state):

When the oxygen delivery and consumption in the muscle is balanced, meaning the athlete is training at a sustainable pace.

Red (limit):

When the muscle is consuming significantly more oxygen than what is being delivered, meaning the athlete is training at an unsustainable pace.

Orange (approaching limit):

When the muscle begins consuming more oxygen than what is being delivered, meaning the athlete is nearing their body’s limit.

Blue (recovery):

When oxygen delivery is greater than the consumption in the muscle, meaning the athlete’s muscles are recovering.

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