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Everything you Need to Know About Training with Humon and Garmin

We are excited to announce we’ve added support for the all new Garmin Forerunner 245, 945, MARQ series, and the Vivoactive 3 Music LTE. In addition we’ve also added compatibility for the latest bike computers, the Edge 530 and 830.

Garmin can be a bit tricky sometimes so here is an overview of everything you need to know to use Humon with Garmin!

The Humon Garmin data fields

Humon provides an endurance and interval mode depending on the type of workout you are doing. We’ve also created both of these modes as Garmin data fields and they can be downloaded from the Connect IQ Store.

Humon Interval Data Field

Humon Endurance Data Field

Once you’ve downloaded the Humon data fields, navigate to the list of Connect IQ apps on your device and add the Humon data field to one of your data screens.

*Important note: Before starting a workout you must only have one of the Humon data fields on your Garmin display at a time. Select the Humon data field that corresponds with the type of workout you are doing from your list of Connect IQ apps*

Pairing and starting a workout with Humon and Garmin

When pairing for the first time, make sure you do not add the Humon Hex as a new sensor to your Garmin device under settings.

To pair for the first time after the Humon data field is added to your display:

1. Make sure the Hex is being worn first so that it can calibrate to your muscles.

2. Turn the Hex on with a long press on the Hex button and the LED will start blinking red.

3. Double press on the Hex button, this will initiate the calibration and start broadcasting data to your Garmin device. You will see the LED change to solid blue and then blinking green when it starts broadcasting data.

4. Within a few seconds your Garmin device will detect the ant+ signal using the Hexes unique serial number, and the data will be displayed in the Humon data field.

5. You can now proceed to start the workout from your Garmin device. When finished make sure to end and save the workout.

6. If you would like to record on both your Garmin and the Humon mobile app, just make sure to start the workout from the mobile app and not from the Hex as outlined above.

Humon data and Garmin Connect

After syncing your workouts with the Garmin Connect web or mobile app, you can analyze your Humon data within their platform. Garmin Connect will display both hemoglobin percentage (muscle oxygen %) and hemoglobin concentration. You will notice that Garmin Connect does not display the colored Humon training zones so make sure to import the data back into the Humon app for a better analysis!

Importing your data back into the Humon app

Navigate to your workout on Garmin Connect, and select settings by clicking the gear icon. Select “Export Original” to download your Fit File. Once downloaded, head over to the Humon web app to import your Fit File. Once imported, the data will be displayed in both the Humon mobile and web apps with the colored training zones.

Make sure to check out @behumon on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more tips on how to warm-up, train, and recover effectively.